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Asset Management Database (AMD)

Supporting our clients through significant business challenges with pragmatic, informed advice has been a key area of focus for the business since inception. We have a long-standing policy of continued investment in the company, adding new technologies and capabilities each year to develop a forward-thinking and responsive operation.

With many companies driving the Digital agenda, our internal capabilities have continued to evolve with the upgrading of our digital asset lifecycle tool, Axea: the Asset Management Database (AMD), our own data management software developed by AXIOM.

Although there are similar tools available, Axea is the only system that has been specifically designed and developed by plant managers and inspection professionals who understand the requirements of asset management integrity. Used in over 40 manufacturing facilities globally, this platform has now been identified as a class-leading software solution to maximise the value of regulatory and business critical inspections: driving down costs whilst driving up reliability and safety of plant.

Axea provides instant visibility on the state of your plant 24/7, no matter where you are: in the office, airport, on-the road or working from home. The easy-to-use dashboard gets straight to the point, giving you an overview of whole plant condition.

You can use Axea to develop Written Schemes of Examination (WSEs), roll out Risk-based Inspection (RBI) programmes, store inspection reports and store and retrieve equipment history. It can also sift and compile data into comprehensive integrity management solutions for whole plants and multi-site operations, integrating RBI modules with risk ranking of damage mechanisms, to create bespoke WSE’s and optimise inspection intervals.

With millions of inspection data records built up over nearly two decades, Axea dissects data to generate real intelligence on how assets age, where best to focus inspections and where to use the most effective NDT techniques.

Intuitive filter controls enable the user to disseminate data down through your organisation’s hierarchy: From “state of the nation” reporting to the Board, to critical equipment alerts for management. It creates maintenance actions for planners for routine fabric maintenance or shut-down preparation.

These insights provide long-term visibility of the Opex/Capex requirements that will be needed to deliver support through the entire plant asset life cycle.

Axea doesn’t stand still, it is constantly evolving and improving.

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