Axiom Celebrate Their Corporate Event at Historic Local Park

Preston Park Museum and Gardens provided the backdrop to a corporate afternoon where AXIOM Directors, Adam Potter and Rob Johnson delivered a comprehensive presentation to staff, reemphasising the company’s ambitions and challenges. The company also held discussion groups to obtain staff feedback about how to make improvements to the business.

Staff were engaged in workshops given by the marketing and mechanical departments. Delegates were invited to voice their suggestions to improve on the company’s performance to meet clients’ needs. A separate workshop focussed on Axiom’s strengths and where opportunities could be taken to identify “quick wins” for the business and how to implement those to create the greatest impact.

Adam Potter, director, said,”Initial feedback suggests that the day was well received and extremely valuable with some good suggestions and food for thought. Although we cannot promise to act on every suggestion, new measures can be introduced or existing ones improved as a result of the day.”

He added,”Our staff work closely with our clients and therefore have a clear insight into client needs. This forum also helps us ensure that AXIOM, as an employer, is an organisation that people want to work for, by supporting a work/life balance, opportunities for career development and rewarding loyalty and performance.”

Feedback questionnaires completed by staff at the end of the event were very positive with almost three quarters of the delegates attending scoring the event 8 out of 10 or above for their overall experience. Comments received included “very good” and “a good refresher of the company’s values and aims.”

AXIOM have plans to continue with this form of communication as part of their overall business strategy as they recognise the importance of strong, internal engagement.

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