Axiom’s Quality & Inspection Consultancy for New Build, Refurbishment & Replacement Equipment

Inadequate owner/user quality & inspection presence – the risks

Over time, AXIOM has had numerous enquiries for Quality and Inspection consultancy from issues that arose after construction at the pre-commissioning stage. It would ordinarily be expected that these issues would be caught at hold points during the construction phase and remedied / mitigated. Observations seen by our team include:

  • The use of the wrong welding filler
  • Non-adherence to, or an incorrect, welding procedure
  • Construction materials not as per design specification
  • Insufficient NDT coverage when compared with code requirements
  • Entire lines not hydro tested without an appropriate mitigation
  • Non-conformance of as-installed system when compared to design intent

One or a combination of these issues has the potential to lead to the non-issuance of CE/UKCA, insurance complications and commissioning delays that can cost hundreds of thousand of pounds per day.

Why have an owner/user inspection present?

The presence of a Quality representative from the owner/user can only increase the overall assurance relating to Quality deliverables. It encourages EPCs, contractors and sub-contractors to be more diligent in the Quality process and strive harder for conformance, leading to easier insurance coverage, issuance of the CE/UKCA mark and a smooth commissioning, with avoidance of unnecessary rework and the associated delays / cost implications.

Axiom’s Quality & Inspection Service

Supported by our UKAS-accredited Inspection Services, and the engagement of qualified and experienced personnel, AXIOM offers the following Quality and Inspection services to clients engaged in new-build, refurbishment or asset replacement projects:

  • Collation and review of Life Time Quality Records (LTQR) / Dossiers
  • Review and acceptance of Quality Packs
  • Review and approval of weld procedure & performance qualifications
  • Welding inspection
  • Review and acceptance of Inspection Test Plans (ITPs)
  • Witnessing of construction phase hold points
  • Witnessing of FATs & SATs
  • Pre-commissioning checks
  • Acceptance of mechanical completion
  • Review of material certificates
  • Review and management of test packs and punch list
  • Walk/punch of piping
  • Review and approval of NDT procedure and certs.
  • Coordination of NDT
  • Supervision and implementation of all quality activities
  • Management of NCRs
  • Sitting on commissioning panels as Quality Representative.

We can work with your in-house team to deliver any or all of the above services, de-risking your most critical plant new-build / improvement schemes. Our own team comprises personnel with wide-ranging experience not just in the field of technical consultancy, but working in senior ‘in-house’ roles for owner-operators – thereby assuring you of an informed approach that takes cognisance of the time and commercial pressures faced on large-scale site projects.

For further information and for a general discussion on your needs and how we can help you, please contact:

Nirvana Ramkissoon
AXIOM Inspection Engineer