Finite Element Analysis

Axiom’s Mechanical Engineers specialise in the design and engineering assessment of process equipment. We work closely with our clients to improve their assets’ life and reliability, whilst ensuring industry best practices are followed.

We use ANSYS Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, which provides a more in depth means of assessment compared with traditional formula-based approaches. FEA can be used to demonstrate an extended operational life of an asset, or substantiate the design of non-standard asset features which cannot easily be assessed by formula-based methods.

Why Finite Element Analysis?

FEA is used to inform the design of new equipment or the design of repairs and modifications, as well as to investigate the fitness for service (FFS) and remnant life of aging assets. It offers an in-depth analysis methodology, which can be used when alternative assessment methods cannot be applied or provide unfavourable results.

A range of failure and deterioration modes can be assessed in line with codal guidance, ranging from basic structural integrity assessments through to the study of more complex failure modes such as creep and fatigue. A range of analysis techniques can be applied depending on the problem in hand, including non-linear and thermo-mechanical.

As a matter of course, we consistently keep up-to date with the latest guidance and rules concerning the use of FEA in line with pressure system codes such as the ASME standards and British Standards and European codes.

Why Axiom?

AXIOM Engineering Associates is an award-winning, multi-disciplined asset management solutions provider, operating in a diverse range of industry sectors in the UK and internationally. These include the chemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, bulk storage, energy, renewables and related industries. Our mission is to be trusted expert advisors providing technical excellence to our clients and partners. Our Materials, Mechanical and UKAS-accredited Inspection Services are uniquely positioned to support our clients to effectively manage their plant at every stage in their assets’ lifecycle.

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