We are The Failure Detectives – Catch us in The Northern Echo

An article on the Materials Department here at AXIOM Engineering Associates made a double page spread in Wednesday’s copy of The Northern Echo.

Dr René Hoyle, our Principal Materials & Corrosion Engineer (pictured right) is referred to as ‘looking like a mad scientist’ in the article which identifies the role of our Materials Department as looking at why and how things fail.

Describing us pretty accurately as ‘Failure Detectives’, the article goes on to illustrate the origins of AXIOM in 2003, set up by René and Adam Potter, now our Inspection Manager.

René explained: “If we understand why something has failed we can devise a method to prevent it failing in the future, be that a process change, a design change or whatever.”

Being in The Northern Echo for the second time this year is a really fulfilling achievement, it’s great to share our story with the world and if it inspires young people to get into engineering or someone to start up their own business in an area they are equally passionate about then even better!

Read the full story on The Northern Echo here